Meet your DJs

CUBE is honored to bring some of the best DJs to you from around the country, and they're sure to keep us dancing through the night. Check out our musical staff below!

Susan Olson

Susan loves many different kinds of blues music, but there are special places in her heart for ballroom blues, badass female singers, tight harmonica solos, and fun rhythms. She has deejayed at North Star Blues, Sweet Molasses Blues, bluesSHOUT! and numerous other events in addition to frequent local dances in her home scene of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Susan enjoys nothing more than keeping people out past their bedtimes to dance to amazing music, and she is thrilled to be returning to DJ at CUBE (one of her all time favorite events).

Grace Jones-Taylor

Grace has come to love sitting behind the DJ booth, keeping folks dancing through the night - whether it’s an evening dance, house party, or wedding. She’s spun across Texas as well as in California, Colorado, Michigan, and Minnesota. While Grace is all about bringing the party, she also loves pulling out those late-night, sweetheart tunes that fall on the edge of blues, right next to R&B. She’s got a serious thing for female artists, rhythms that take you along for the ride, and any music that just won’t let you sit down.

Andi Hansen

Andi Hansen has been DJing almost as long as she's been dancing, and the Chicago scene is like a second scene to her- which is why she's so excited to be returning for this year's CUBE! Andi enjoys mentoring DJs in her home scene of Grand Rapids, and sharing her music both locally and nationally. Blues music is endlessly inspiring, and she can't wait to bring you some of her favorite tunes!

Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown has been blues dancing since 2007 after falling in love with dance at the start of his time at college. He co-founded and ran Underground Blues, a blues scene at the Claremont Colleges. He currently teaches, DJs and competes throughout the country, something made easier with his recent move from Los Angeles to Chicago. When he is not dancing alone in front of a mirror or surreptitiously finding new songs in an effort to maintain an air of omniscience, he is slaving away crafting board games that only he will enjoy, reading books like it’s his job, and trying to figure out this thing the midwest calls snow. Ask him to dance with you!

Stephen York

There are times he has been seen stalking across the MIT campus, his
mutterings circling back and again to rhythm, to structure, to any
element he can use to link his obsession back to his shivering
reality. He has heard the world and the smallest bit of what it
offers. His search for more, for anything else he was able to gather
in his flashbulb glimpse has brought him to lead others. Those who
follow him through the murky streets of Boston seek to glean whatever
ghostly tones he will drop in his wake like hard candy: enough to keep
them near, never enough to satisfy or surpass...

Lydia Breen

Lydia Breen, sometimes known as "Lady B", has been around the blues block for a while now. She began deejaying when she lucked into a beachside apartment in Chicago, which meant of course: dancing on the beach! After replacing her hardwood floors some 4 or 5 times, she moved to indoor only winter Blue Christmas parties, leading to an overwhelming acquisition of Christmas blues music. Live blues music, the grittier the better, is her passion, and she makes it a point to research the latest lineup at Chicago’s Blues Festival every year, despite no longer living there. She loves San Francisco and is excited to share her love of the blues there whenever she gets the chance.

Ruby Red

Ruby has been DJing since 2004 when San Francisco's Friday Night Blues was still in its infancy. From house parties, to swing dances, to band breaks, international blues exchanges, and hip-hop clubs, she has experimented with almost every possible way to mix up a good dance set. With a vast library and diverse tastes, Ruby enjoys creating thematic flows that expose dancers to old hidden gems and new un-touched tracks. As one of the creators of the Chicago Underground Blues Experience and a long-time house DJ at Chicago's monthly blues party, Bluetopia, Ruby enjoys arranging a good set as much as she likes dancing to one.